TrackR is a bluetooth tracking device that finds any lost item in seconds using your smartphone.

“Our product was the best out there. But getting customers to recognize that is harder than it seems. Thankfully, GiddyUp had a brilliant plan.”

When Chris Herbert and Christian Smith came up with the idea for TrackR, they knew they weren’t alone. Their unique device uses crowd-sourced GPS to help you track anything – essentially, it offers a more efficient and affordable alternative to GPS.

This new technology had high demand. Their crowdfunding campaign quickly raised over $1M, and their team of 5 started generating about 50 sales per day internally.

However, this high demand naturally drew competitors. Chris and Christian needed to establish TrackR as the leading brand in their space – and not just in the US, but worldwide – or they’d risk losing market share. So they turned to GiddyUp for help.

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“I remember seeing the orders coming in – I think we did $2 million in the first 90 days, and I thought we were lucky. But then the sales just kept coming!”

Christian Smith

Co-Founder, Trackr

We started testing a diverse range of marketing angles that targeted the most popular use cases for TrackR. One of these angles was extremely successful, generating 8 figures in revenue alone. At the same time, we built funnels specific to new channels for TrackR, such as Native and Email, then locally translated them for international campaigns – allowing them to scale beyond Facebook and the US. We also implemented bundles, which quadrupled the average number of units each customer purchased!

GiddyUp Results

$0 Million

Sales In First 90 Days

$0 Million+

Sales In 3 Years

0 Million+

Units Sold

0 Million+

Customers Acquired

“GiddyUp felt like a true partner. Everything they did was strategic, always designed to help us improve in some way.”

Chris Herbert
CEO & Co-Founder, Trackr

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