FIXD tells you what’s wrong with your car and how much repairs should cost – all in plain English.

“When we first developed FIXD, we knew we had something special. The challenge was figuring out how we would get it out to the masses, all while doing it profitably and on a tight budget.”

FIXD founders John and Frederick were tired of seeing friends and family getting ripped off by mechanics – so they created FIXD, a device that tells you what’s wrong with your car in plain English. With FIXD, anyone can save money and time on car repairs… it’s awesome!

But as John and Frederick learned, an awesome product is rarely enough to succeed. Their Kickstarter campaign and initial internal launch efforts brought in far fewer customers than they expected… so they assumed DTC wasn’t the right path, and shifted their focus to B2B sales.

Unfortunately, B2B turned out to be an even more arduous path to success. John and Frederick felt like they were out of options… but then they met GiddyUp.

Even though FIXD had no proof of concept, no marketing budget and no creative assets, we saw what they saw: an amazing product with incredible potential. So we partnered with them right away!

See The Results

“Within the first 90 days of our GiddyUp campaign, we had $10 million in sales. Ten. Million.”

Frederick Grimm


Focusing heavily on price, positioning, and promotion, GiddyUp helped FIXD take the DTC market head-on. Within the first year, FIXD profitably acquired over 500,000 new customers in 10+ countries – resulting in $55 million in sales. Even better, their average order value increased by over 60% and the company saw a massive 40% in additional Halo sales!

GiddyUp Results

$0 Million

Sales In First Year

0 Million

Units Sold


New Customers In First 8 Months

0%+ Increase

Average Order Value

“We went from very little results to $55+ million in sales, all in just a year. GiddyUp’s results speak for themselves.

John Gattuso

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