Throw away your super glue! Bondic can fix virtually anything in minutes.

“We had tremendous success selling Bondic in retail stores and through traditional advertising, but generating sales online was always a struggle. That is… until we met GiddyUp.”

Robert Harbauer and Tony Peticca were frustrated by the amount of time and money they were wasting repairing all of the things that broke around their homes – so they invented Bondic, a unique and patented liquid plastic formula that can fix virtually anything in minutes.

This “magic formula” was a tremendous success… but only in retail stores and through traditional media. Despite rave reviews from customers, Robert and Tony had a hard time gaining momentum online!

Naturally, the duo started working with agencies – but sadly, the agencies produced little to no results because they lacked performance marketing expertise and their incentives weren’t aligned.

That’s when Bondic came across GiddyUp and our performance-only model. They were blown away – it was exactly what they were looking for!

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“GiddyUp helped us sell over a 1 million units in 10+ countries. We're blown away!"

Robert Harbauer

CEO, Bondic

With a primary focus on creative strategy, funnel development, and offer testing, GiddyUp helped Bondic get off to an incredibly fast start – just in time for Q4. Within a few weeks, they were profitably fulfilling over 1,000 orders per day and generated an additional 50% in halo sales on Amazon and in retail stores. The result? Bondic generated over $1 million in the holiday season alone – and this was just the beginning!

GiddyUp Results

$0 Million+

Profitable Online Sales

0 Million+

Units Sold


Increase in AOV


Customers Acquired

“I went from fixing my own things to helping people all over the globe fix theirs! I can’t thank GiddyUp enough for all they’ve done for us.”

Robert Harbauer
CEO, Bondic

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