We’re about helping people live a little better; about innovative ideas and solutions that work; about smiling more and worrying less; about going through your day with more ease; about creating value, fostering innovation, and embracing change; about making a better tomorrow today.

Who We Are

A Partner Marketing Network & Performance Platform

Together, we and our partners are transforming commerce into a decentralized and democratized ecosystem that's better for Shoppers, better for Marketers, and better for Brands. A virtuous cycle where everyone wins.
Our Mission

To inspire and empower people to live a little better.

Everyone has their own mountain to climb. For some, it’s providing for their family, or achieving financial freedom, or being their own boss. For others it’s being the best in their field or living to be 100, or inventing something new that changes the world.

But reaching the top of the mountain, that’s easier said than done.

Sometimes we can get lost on the way up, or slip and fall back down to the bottom. Sometimes we lose sight of where we were going and decide to stop climbing altogether, or we get half way up and think, this is good enough.

Climbing the mountain is not easy, but it becomes impossible if we stop believing. We have to believe we can make it and surround ourselves with people who believe in us too.

Because life is not meant to be done alone. We don’t do our best by ourselves.

The right people don’t just inspire you, they empower you. When you tell them where you’re going, they give you a map. They say, you’re gonna starve out there, here’s a fishing rod; it’s gonna be cold, let’s build a fire, and when you’re slipping, they reach out their hand to catch you.

They don’t lie to you about the dangers ahead, or carry you on their back the whole way up, or run away when a bear is charging at you. They stand by your side and they fight. In the snow, they shiver with you. Around the campfire, they laugh with you, and when you finally reach the top of the mountain and pop the champagne, they celebrate with you.

At GiddyUp, we scale the mountain with you. We champion you, we guide you, and we equip you. Tool by tool, strategy by strategy, step by step we get you there.

Because, the compass that you used to stay on track, and the rope you used to pull yourself up, and the fire you stoked to keep warm; these are the things, as small as they may seem, that help us all live a little better and reach our full potential.

Now, imagine yourself at the top of your mountain, looking down and seeing every footstep you took to get there. We wanna help you take those steps.

Are you ready?

Our Vision

A world where everyone benefits from commerce and the best solutions win.

So, let’s talk about the Big Dogs.

We all know who they are because they’re on every shelf, every channel, and every billboard. They’re in every corner office, they land every major client, and they dominate the marketplace. They’re the go-to, high priced animals of our time, and it’s almost impossible to compete with them.

And then we’ve got the Underdogs.

The ones that aren’t sitting on the shelves, or plastered on the billboards, and their office window is their garage door. They’re the ones that don’t get invited to the party, or get to sit with the cool kids, or even play with the same toys. They’re just outta sight, outta mind.

Well, we think that sucks, and we also think that ain’t gonna last.

The Big Dogs have dominated the park long enough. We think it’s time for the Underdogs to rise up and be heard; to rear their tiny heads and say, “Woof!”

We see a new park rising, one where the Big Dogs and the Underdogs both have an opportunity to play.

A world of true competition where ideas can come from anywhere and the best ones rise to the top. Shelves stocked with the best solutions, not just the Big Dog solutions. Because a great idea doesn’t need a corner office, it just needs a fair shake. It just needs to be able to get its little paw through the door.

True competition leads to rapid innovation, and a level playing field leads to more choice for the consumer. This is the world where everyone benefits. This is the world we champion and envision, and to this we say…

May the best dog win. 

The Origin of the G-Hand

Say hello to the G-Hand: a visual symbol of our mantra "Live a little better". It represents inspiration, empowerment, and togetherness – and here at GiddyUp, that’s what we’re all about. While the symbol may feel familiar, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen – just like the unique innovations we and our partners share with the world. By using the G-Hand, you spread your faith in the power of working together. Because that’s the only path to a world in which we can all live a little better.

Our Team

We’re teachers, musicians, math nerds, technologists, artists, data scientists, athletes and growth hackers. The path to GiddyUp is never a straight line, but what unites us is our passion for problem solving, risk-taking, driving results, and celebrating our successes and failures on our path to making a better tomorrow today.

Intrigued? See what life is like at GiddyUp.

Our Values

We're a High-Performance Team

We are high-performance individuals who work together as one team; we show up every day with
the goal and expectation of winning; we check our egos at the door and pursue what’s best for our team and our partners.

We Get Measurable Results

We focus on producing outcomes that are important and impactful; we use data to measure our performance and improve our decision; we define our goals with measurable results to keep us on track.

We Do The Right Thing

We treat others the way we want to be treated; we believe integrity is a competitive advantage; we speak and act respectfully.

We Move Fast & Adapt

We stay nimble by keeping things simple and adapting quickly to change; we focus on generating great results through flexible processes; we bias towards action now and improvement over time.

We Optimize & Innovate

We high-five small wins and innovative ideas; we measurably improve and grow everything; we use data to gain valuable insights and take smarter risks.

Let’s make a better tomorrow today.