Dodow is an innovative device that helps you fall asleep naturally – and STAY asleep.

“We were doing well in France, but we didn’t have a plan or the means to break into other markets. Then we met GiddyUp, and suddenly everything changed.”

Gui Perrier and Alexandre Dujoncquoy used to be insomniacs… but then they created Dodow, a drug-free device that combines yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep peaceful sleep – fast.

They found some success in their native country (France) with their internal team. However, they had trouble breaking into the US market. They knew that Dodow was a much-needed innovation (they were living proof that it works), but they didn’t have a solid strategy to make it happen fast.

So they partnered with GiddyUp. Our challenge was to diversify their sales into new international markets, along with more online channels to ensure long-term, sustainable success.

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"Before GiddyUp we were selling 50 products per day. Now we're selling 500 per day!"

Gui Perrier

Co-founder, Dodow

Focusing heavily on new creatives, social proofing, and offer development, GiddyUp helped Dodow take the U.S. market by storm. With a new bundle and pricing strategy in place, Dodow’s AOV increased by over 50%, which allowed them to scale across a variety of online channels (including YouTube, Taboola and more). Coupled with a handful of high-performing creatives, this produced the perfect storm – within the first 30 days, Dodow was selling over 300 orders per day in the US… and the campaign was just getting started!

GiddyUp Results

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Halo Sales Increase In Q4

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