Aculief is an all-natural, drug-free solution that relieves headaches in minutes.

“When I started Aculief back in 2011, I had high hopes but low expectations. GiddyUp helped our small team find – and reach – our potential.”

When Jon Doogan learned about a powerful point on your hand that you can squeeze to relieve headaches, he was amazed. After using it hundreds of times with 100% success, he knew he needed to spread this incredible natural way to relieve pain – so he created Aculief, a small device that activates that powerful point on your hand whenever you need.

At first, Aculief was a part-time project while Jon worked as a Sales Director. Most of their sales came from Amazon and small retail partners, and almost all of their business was in the US.

After years of slow but steady sales, Jon decided to explore options to grow Aculief’s direct-to-consumer business – along with increasing their average order value (AOV) and expanding internationally. That’s when he met GiddyUp – and he hasn’t looked back since!

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"The scale has been absolutely insane. It's like magic."

Jon Doogan

Founder, Aculief

To take advantage of the incredible emotional response customers had after trying Aculief, we created an entire marketing campaign around a powerful user testimonial. The campaign was a hit – so we translated it to 7 other languages, then activated our Marketing Partners to help Aculief scale in various international markets. All throughout the campaign, we constantly tested bundles and pricing to increase their AOV across the board.

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